From a dream to reality: Kyle Echarri launches his first album “It’s Me Kyle”

Kyle Echarri, a 13-year old boy who used to dream of making his mark in showbiz. He was determined to prove himself through singing, that he has a voice that could tug heartstrings. In 2015, Kyle joined the 2nd season of The Voice Kids under the coaching of pop-star icon Sarah Geronimo. His journey on The Voice Kids was learning but a fun experience which according to Kyle “was nerve–wrecking but fun, I was scared because I was competing with seasoned kids who had voice lessons or have joined other singing competitions.”


Soon after The Voice Kids, Kyle became a part of ABS-CBN’s On the Wings of Love, where he played as Brent Wyatt the half-brother of Leah Olivar (played by Nadine Lustre). This has been a dream come true to him, since he liked acting and enjoys being on the set.

Now, Kyle is determined to take a step up and pursue his career in the music industry. Together with MCA Music, he will be releasing his solo debut albumIt’s Me Kyle”. Most of the songs in his self-titled album talks of love, and thanksgiving. According to Kyle he dedicate this album to his family, friends, and fans for their never-ending love and support. Through his album, Kyle wanted to show his versatility and prowess as a singer.

Some of the songs in his album has sentimental values him, his carrier single “Anything” and “Unli-Good” are bubbly fun and talks of young love. But songs like, “Our Moment” and “Looking Up” which has deeper, heavier and more mature subjects. The song looking up, was written for someone who passed away due to cancer, he said that this song was a sign that even if one passes away, he/she will always be remembered.

The young Kyle is very adventurous and experimental. He gladly accepts challenges, but sticks consistently to his style. He wanted to showcase these virtues in his album “It’s Me Kyle”. He offers his album as he wants to show his fans, and the people behind him how he appreciates them dearly.

Available on digital downloads and streaming via Spinnr, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer and VEVO, support Kyle Echarri’s It’s Me Kyle. It is also available in CDs at Astroplus and Astrovision outlets.


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